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Established since 1994

Our Core Business

Hitess N.V started off as a company to provide Curacao with Customized Electrical Panels on demand, straight out of the shop. It soon became clear that the surrounding islands were also in need of this type of service, so we expanded unto Aruba, Bonaire and St. Maarten. 26 years later filled with experience and knowledge our Core Business is still Customized Electrical Panels on demand. We are the leading – Customized Electrical Panels – Company on the ABC islands & St. Maarten, and we believe that with hard work combined with quality products & good service we will also remain the leader in these markets.

From our store in Curacao and on the other islands, we design and assemble control panels, switching and distribution equipment for industry-, residential- and commercial construction. We build our customized electrical panels in plastic housing or sheet metal housing, using world renowned brands such as:

  • Schneider Electric
  • Switchgear
  • Ellettrocanali
  • Eaton

It is important for us that not only our housings come from good  brands, but the breakers and switches we use as well are also from world renowned brands, such as: Schneider Electric, Switchgear, Sassin and many more.

Quality Service

Not only do we believe in offering our clients the best quality product for their specific desires, but we also believe in giving our clients a good quality service. This way we build up a trustworthy relationship with all our clients. The meaning of “good service” is for many unclear or vague, what we understand under good service is a combination of various factors:

  •  We guarantee a competitive price
  •  Delivery times that are acceptable for all parties
  •  Customized Electrical Panel construction is an art, so we work with you  during the design and development
  •  Electrical blueprints can be digitally sent to you after revision
  •  Cable Calculations? We can serve you
  •  Adjustments on the spot or malfunctions, our service representative is ready  for you.


Our goal is to have complete customer satisfaction, we can achieve this by having optimal cooperation with all our clients.