Stylish feature, compass, patron saint: Multi-talented outdoor lighting


Light and architecture: a perfect partnership

Nothing is quite as good at revealing the design subtleties of a building as light.
As daylight gives way to darkness, architectural features can be enhanced using a clever combination of direct and diffused artificial light – or they can even be deliberately altered. Structures, elements and the sophisticated features of surfaces and façades can be emphasized; boundaries and contours can be defined – or indeed highlighted.

At the same time, outdoor lighting also serves one purpose above all else: to provide safety and guidance during the hours of twilight and darkness. Obstacles need to be visible, signs and information need to be found and paths made safe. Achieving consistently high quality and glare free lighting is just as vital as ensuring the cost efficient operation of each individual luminaire.

The technical requirements of outdoor lighting are correspondingly high as it must be robust and easy to install, maintenance free and long lasting and offer the best possible energy efficiency. The design requirements are just as important. After all, outdoor lighting remains a permanent feature of a building and its surroundings; even when it is not in use, it can have a significant influence on the appearance and style of buildings and property.

In order to provide you with cost efficient and aesthetically appealing outdoor lighting concepts in equal measure, at RZB we have always taken all components into account here – from the technical and design requirements of the product to the light management column.

Whether you want to illuminate buildings, sculptures or scenery or comply with safety standards for lighting paths, streets and squares; whether you want a light-based guidance concept or a stylish complement for your architecture: thanks to our vast selection of quality products made in Germany and our great range of outdoor lighting services, we guarantee an extremely high level of design freedom, planning support and operational reliability.