An all-rounder which is easy to install

ROUNDED: An all-rounder which is easy to install

The outdoor luminaire series ROUNDED by RZB is suitable both for wall and ceiling mounting. It will convince you thanks to its timeless, elegant design concealing skilfully the screws. Background information: a luminaire of the series ROUNDED only consists of the housing and the diffuser being the basis for a very simple and quick installation.

The housing with its drilling tolerance compensation permits that the screws are secured in slotted holes and allows for tailor-made alignment. The fixing points outside the lamp section ensure easy access during installation and prevent water and dirt particles from penetrating into the housing. Once the housing is mounted, the diffuser snaps into the housing by means of bayonet fixing concealing the screws and guaranteeing a stable assembly of the components. Another mounting advantage: “Safety clips” prevent the glass diffuser from falling off the bezel ring. A “third hand” is therefore not needed during installation.

The generously dimensioned cable section in the housing allows for additional cable routing options for through-wiring. The lamps used are smart, interchangeable LED modules for mains voltage with high luminous efficiency and allow for energy-efficient operation.

Thanks to the use of high-quality aluminium, shock-resistant moulded glass, stainless steel and a permanently sea water resistant powder coating the series ROUNDED is characterised by an exceptionally long service life. This is also guaranteed by the diaphragm valve reducing condensation. The high degree of protection IP 66 and the antitheft design ensure a maintenance-free and uncomplicated operation of the LED.

The luminaires are available in 87 variants as Midi and Maxi versions with four different diffusers and three housing colours. There is a choice of two light colours, 830 and 840, offering further possibilities for individual designs. Other versions – for example house-number luminaires or emergency luminaires for a central battery system ¬¬– underline the versatility of the series ROUNED.