Unica Wireless

Unica Wireless


The Unica wireless products are very easy to install and to link them. The added channels are battery operated and can be on any kind of surface glued or screwed. These transmitters can be operated remotely from the receivers (relays, dimmers or control of shutter).
These are easily programmed through the buttons that are hidden behind the keys. Two types of operation:

Turning off /, up / down: Simple mode for easy operation
The Scenario mode: each side of each button controls a lighting scenario (lights on, lights off or dim) to which the controls for roller shutters can be linked.
Unica Wireless is compatible with the IHC automation range.

The transmitters :

  • RF buttons on batteries for lighting, 1 or 2 keys
  • Universal transmitter module battery
  • RF remote control with 8 keys
  • RF keychain remote with 4 keys

The recipients :

  • Universal RF receiver, relay
  • Mobile RF socket with relay or dimmer, according to the French standard

The combination of transmitter-receivers are at the location of the existing switches in:

  • Combination RF relay, 3-wire, 10 A
  • Combination RF dimmer, two wires 300 W
  • RF module for shutters, 3 A


  • Symbol Sets: for lighting, shutters, scenarios … available in different colors
  • Test kits from the RF signal

Technical Features

  • 868 MHz frequency: the standard that most resistant to interference in a residential environment
  • Range of 300 m in open field and within 20 to 50 m (depending on the thickness of the wall and the wall type)
  • Standard Battery (CR2032) with a lifespan of about 7 years (20,000 operations) for RF switches