Leblanc Illuminations has an ongoing policy to research new lines, materials and technology. To properly respond to the needs of its clientele’s personal projects, Leblanc Illuminations offers a vast range of feasible projects. It offers its clientele a complete and cutting edge range of festive display components. All products are carefully designed for ease of use and handling.


Contribute to the economic and touristic development of cities and towns

Street displays have become a significant source of economic spinoffs by encouraging local spending and attracting tourists. For over 50 years, cities and towns across Europe have attracted attention from both near and far with thousands of visitors coming to discover their street displays – Strasbourg, Vienna, Nuremburg, and Lyon to name a few. The magnificent displays create magical settings that make residents so proud of their cities and towns and tourists marvel at their breathtaking beauty. In this way, Leblanc Illuminations is a partner in the prosperity of these communities.