Pragma Modular Enclosure

Pragma Modular Enclosure

Modular enclosures 13 to 24 modules

Part of 9 Series

Selection of 13/18/24 surface and flush mounted modular enclosures guarantee you get the finish you want. With metal and techno-plastic options available, the modular enclosures will fit in with a wide range of pre-existing aesthetics.



Offering a selection of attractive designs, the simple-to-install surface and flush mounted modular enclosures provide you with maximum flexibility whilst ensuring installations stay thoroughly protected.

  • Complete range of 13/18/24 modular enclosures.
  • Metal and techno-plastic available for flush and surface mounted 24 modules enclosures.
  • Techno-plastic available for flush and surface mounted 13/18 modules enclosures.
  • All enclosures suitable for 13-18 modules 63 to 125 A.
  • All enclosures suitable for 24 modules 125 to 160 A.
  • Plain and transparent door available as accessories.
  • 4 different rail DIN position allow to increase or reduce the pitch or gain space in depth.


Expertly combining reliability with an attractive design, the robust surface and flush mounted modular enclosures provide a simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing enclosure solution for commercial and high-end residential buildings.

  • Enhanced level ergonomics for installers.
  • Attractive design and fully robust.
  • Fully compatible with products from the Schneider Electric brand.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Provides more flexibility to the consumer.
  • Wider range of terminal blocks (screw or screw-less) provided or available as accessories.
  • Wider range of installation accessories (keylock, sealing kit, internal separation) allow to use it in every situation.


Surface and flush mounted modular enclosures designed with simplicity, ease of installation and flexibility of finish in mind.

  • Suitable for all commercial building installations.
  • Ideal for high-end residential building installations.