Mini Pragma Modular Electrical Enclosure

Mini Pragma Modular Electrical Enclosure

Modular electrical enclosure

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Ideal for everything from the residential sector to hotel bedrooms and more, the plastic modular enclosure is available in either surface or flush mounted options and helps ensure consistency with the current decor and living environment.



The plastic modular enclosure comes with a range of optional extras including a range of colored doors, terminal blocks and plenty more. Designed with a wide selection of sectors in mind, the enclosure is not only easy to install, but also offers full consistency with wiring devices.

  • Choose from flush-mounted or surface-mounted options.
  • Both options of the plastic modular enclosure have a range of 50 to 63 A.
  • Use from 1 to 3 rows.
  • Use from 4 to 36 modules.
  • Complete with a choice of a translucent tinted or white door.

Additional options

  • Flush-mounted version is available in 5 colors (white, ivory, mist grey, pistachio, garnet).
  • Choose enclosure either with or without terminal blocks.
  • Add a lighting indicator function.
  • Option to add a lock for additional security.


Designed to provide the installer with full flexibility, our plastic modular enclosures will fit into any current environment regardless of whether you are working within the residential, business or hospitality sector.

  • Fully consistent with a wide range of wiring devices.
  • Customizable with a range of colors depending on the finish you wish to achieve.
  • Simple to install.
  • Designed to make work easier for electrical contractors.
  • Optional extras provide added convenience with secure locks, terminal blocks and lighting indicators available.
  • Choose either flush or surface-mounted enclosures depending on your working environment.


Ideally suited to the residential sector, hospitality and small business sectors, the plastic modular enclosure puts you in control of the finish on your job.

  • Protects a wide range of wiring devices.
  • Fully compatible with residential, small business and hospitality wiring devices.