Prisma P

Prisma P

Panel building system for floor-standing switchboards, up to 4000 A supplied

Part of Set Series

Prisma P functional system, in conformity with IEC 61439-1&2 standards, can be used for all types of low voltage electrical switchboards up to 4000 A. It integrates Schneider Electric offerings, ensuring electrical, mechanical and communication features.



  • Cubicles for electrical switchboards up to 4000 A
  • High performance distribution systems with Linergy busbars and quick connectors
  • Complete set of modular functional units tested and IEC 61439-1&2 compliant low voltage electrical distribution switchboards


  • Low voltage switchboards, Icw 100kA rms/1s, IP30, IP31, IP55, IK10,
  • Distribution system: horizontal and vertical busbars in a lateral compartment or at the rear of the cubicles
  • Cubicles with plain or glass door tested up to 2.5g according to the IEC 60068-3-3 standard, ensuring that the switchboard will keep on operating as intended, even during severe earthquake conditions (up to 7 on the Richter scale)
  • Metal frames and panels: steel metal sheet with cataphoresis treatment with hot-polymerized polyester epoxy powder color RAL9001


  • Height: 2000 mm
  • 4 Widths: 800 mm (for functional units with vertical busbars), 650 mm (for functional units), 400 mm (for functional units or cable ducts), 300 mm (for cable ducts)
  • 2 Depths: 400 mm, 600 mm


Prisma P, coupled with our communication devices, becomes an EcoStruxure™ connected equipment offer within our EcoStruxure Power architecture.

  • Prisma P allows production of optimized, efficient and simple switchboards to meet your needs.
  • Prisma P contributes to optimum safety of persons as well as to high reliability and continuity of service of the electrical installation.
  • All the most demanding switchboard configurations have been tested and certified under IEC standard conditions.
  • Prisma P can be upgraded easily at any time without its original performance being affected, thanks to prefabricated and modular design.


The Prisma P is ideal for low voltage distribution and control switchboards for commercial and industrial buildings, including:

  • Data and Telecom (data centers, server rooms, network solutions)
  • Retail (multi-user centers, chain and independent retailers)
  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings (non-critical process, logistic, agricultural)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, clinics)
  • Offices
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Leisure and culture